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Our Tribe

Tribe Women is a community for enterprising and entrepreneurial women who want to reimagine and redesign their working lives.

Started in April 2018 by social entrepreneur, Dani Trudeau, Tribe Women harnesses the power of individual and collective talent, energy, creativity, wisdom and skills, encouraging the community to share experience and insight, to inspire, learn from and support each other.

Our Mission

We’re united by a common purpose: to rethink the art of the possible in work, then make it happen for ourselves while lifting up others along the way.

You might already be building a start-up into a thriving venture. Or you're figuring out how to turn a fledgling idea into a business. Maybe you’re returning to work after time away or beginning all over again somewhere new. Perhaps you‘re trying to shake it up where you work right now, to innovate, to explore different ways of doing things so that you can flourish personally and professionally.

Whatever stage you’re at in your working life, welcome to our Tribe.

Our Programme

Tribe Women started as a programme of workshops, masterclasses and coaching circles through online learning, focusing on both professional and personal development. After two years of working with over 200 women, we decided to expand our reach and accessibility and started building an online programme.

The full Tribe Women Programme is a holistic approach to your working life. Along with vital business skills, the Tribe Women Programme will also support you to understand what drives, inspires and energises you through exploring what is fulfilling work, which works specifically for you. The programme values the community and we know that when you create connections based on shared interests and goals, you’ll be more successful.

Our Network

During and after the programme, you’ll be part of a growing, vibrant, self-sustaining network which keeps alive the spirit of Tribe Women. You can connect with other members, share stories, ask questions, offer advice and guidance, co-create and celebrate success.

How to apply?

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We’d love to hear from you so please get in touch at or visit us at Tribe Porty in Portobello, Edinburgh.

Watch the animated report from our pilot here.

"I feel excited and connected with a sense of possibility and energy."

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