Finding Your Own Path through Community

The world of work is ever changing and Tribe Women has been designed to help you make work, work for you.

Entrepreneurs face many ups and downs and can often feel isolated. The Tribe Women community is a safe and nurturing space and we understand the power of a supportive network. The Tribe Women Programme knows that rethinking our working lives needs more than the application of practical skills and knowledge. The programme helps you to understand what drives, inspires and energises you and creates space to explore what meaningful work looks and feels like. We will encourage and support you to think about how you measure your personal and professional worth and consider how you learn from challenges and setbacks to develop resilience.

This programme will take you through how to tap into your own truth, develop yourself professionally and find your communities which support your success.


Through community we can expand our individual shared identities. We are separate and one -through each other, we learn more about ourselves. The programme will help you find nurturing relationships which help establish important networks.  Tribe Women is a shared space which provides a platform to lift off from and come back to when needed. Tribe Women supports the We AND the I. We guide individuals through the practice of self discovery,  introduce shared rituals which compliment personal beliefs and all while lifting up each other.  We understand that we are all different but have shared passion to find purpose and live out our own meaning of success.

We also believe your affirmation, truth and joy also liberates others.


Who We Are

Dani Trudeau

Founding director of Tribe Porty and Tribe Women

Having started her first enterprise at the age of 14 years old and her first private company at 25, Dani is curious about what makes a good business. Even more, she is keen on changing work to work for you and reimagine how work can support your life. Creative social entrepreneur founded Tribe Porty, a community coworking and creative events social enterprise in 2014 and Tribe Women, a community for enterprising women, in 2018. Dani is committed to redesigning the ways we live and work to lead connected, full and healthy lives.



Melissa McConnell

Operations and Marketing, Tribe Porty and Tribe Women

Having left a corporate career and started her first business at the age of 42, Melissa is passionate about supporting other women to believe in their unique strengths and hidden potential. Ask Melissa about finding the courage to start something new and any of the issues involved in creating and building a business with no entrepreneurial experience.


"I had never put myself into this reflective, intuition, visualisation journey; it was great and surprising."

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